The Fifth Infantry Armory building, which was the first armory built in Illinois, was constructed in 1914 for the primary purpose of being the headquarters for the Fifth Regiment of the Illinois National Guard. The building is two stories with an Institutional Goth-style stone foundation and masonry of brick and cut limestone.

Construction on the Armory building was finished in time for dedication ceremonies during Quincy’s fall celebration in October 1915. Festivities included a doll parade, an auto-flower parade, a military parade, concerts, free admission to the movies, a grand military ball, saddle horse demonstrations, and more. Historically, the building was also used for basketball games, automobile and poultry shows, dances, musicals, and concerts.

The Armory building was purchased in 2021 by Fischer & Tanninger, a partnership between Ryan Jude Tanner and Jay Krottinger of Tanninger Companies and Meegan and Ryan Fischer. Fischer & Tanninger is a boutique design firm that focuses on renovating and repurposing buildings of notable architecture or historical significance to the community. Tanninger Companies is responsible for the renovation of the Patio Restaurant in Quincy, and also purchased the Illinois State Bank building at North Sixth and Hampshire, with plans to convert that space to a boutique hotel with restaurant and conference room space, with a rooftop bar.

History of The Armory



Meeting held at the Hotel Newcomb to formally announce a Quincy Commission seeking the first Illinois State Armory.


On Feburary 21, $75,000 bill introduced in the Illinois General Assembly for an armory in Quincy.


On May 21, bill fails in Illinois General Assembly.


On May 23, $50,000 funding legislation passes; later amended to $45,000.


On June 9, Illinois Gov. Deneen signs Quincy Amory bill into law.


In May, three downtown Quincy downtown properties are identified by Quincy Armory Commission as potential sites.


In July, the commission selects 4th & Jersey as the Armory site.


In December, commission seeks additional funding from the state of Illinois.


Original appropriation of state funds lapses, further delaying project.


On September 14, construction begins on the Illinois Fifth Infantry Armory.


Dedication celebrations begin October 12. The first prize winner in the auto-flower parade is won by F. W. Heckenkamp. During the three-day event, theaters offer free movie days, and the Fifth Infantry Band plays in Washington Park. The armory becomes the center of military life in Quincy. Later that same year, machine gun companies and medical units are housed in the structure.


The Illinois Fifth Infantry Armory houses trade shows, the circus, concerts, and much more until it is sold.


Meegan and Ryan Fischer, along with Ryan Jude Tanner and Jay Krottinger, acquire the Armory and begin construction yo repurpose into a event space.


On October 26, the new event space holds its inaugural event.